In attendance:

@ WHOI: Julie, Becca, Ellie, Lea, Sarah; @ MIT: Anna, Guy

  1. Clarify ODGE Funding Role
    1. Because of the nature of the turn-over, we are not as well informed about the nature of the funding. Therefore, communication will be necessary with GSC and ODGE about how to proceed with funding.
    2. This is in light of the fact that we were not funded through GSC for our usual events this term.
    1. Response quick—thanks. Closed for inspection.
    2. Potential housing options? Do we talk to housing master at Sid Pac? Anna will look into the possibility of housing. Maybe try Ed or Rob.
    3. Becca can help write these e-mails and contact people.
    4. What about constant monitoring at WL?
    5. Informational campaign to be launched about the risk of bed bugs.
  3. Winter Meeting overview! (+ lessons learned)
    1. Great, positive meeting.
    2. Getting people on same page about funding.
    3. Lea’s follow-up on the personnel list of APO.
  4. Open House overview! (+ lessons learned)
    1. Went well overall
    2. Discussion of the structure of the event—centralized vs. not, etc. Budget was fine for this. Some of budget from both places.
  5. Next social hour (Mar 20, 430pm)
    1. Two social hour planners are unavailable, so Becca can do the social hour set-up etc.
    2. Maybe we need a new place to get pizza… Steve’s?
    3. Look into buying hops etc for beer making to give to Greg etc. for making beer.
  6. Steinbach scholars
    1. Biology we have Rob Knight and he’s sorting out schedule. He will match up his schedule to commit full days to WHOI around the trip to MBL.
    2. PO vote happened: have top 3 people.
    3. At large: Ellie will take over planning and Sarah can help.
  7. Review ODGE Fund Applications: decided what to fund out of the 5 received applications.